Just being charged with a criminal offense is life-changing. Your reputation suffers and you may lose your job. If you are a parent involved in a divorce, your rights to custody and visitation may be compromised.

If you are convicted, you risk losing your freedom for many years and having a hefty fine imposed. The state invests a lot of money and time in its attempt to get a guilty verdict either at trial or through plea bargaining. With so much at risk, you need an experienced advocate on your side who can navigate the criminal justice system maze with your best interest in mind.

Kirstin Coffin at the Law Office of Kirstin Coffin Can Help

Kirstin Coffin has been fighting for her criminal defense clients since 1994. She will defend you no matter what the charges are against you. She handles all types of criminal cases in all courts in the state of Connecticut including, but not limited to:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Larceny
  • All narcotic charges including simple possession, distribution and manufacturing
  • Robbery and all theft related offenses  
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault
  • Murder, including first and second degree and all levels of manslaughter

Attorney Coffin’s representation begins with hearing your side of the case. She reviews all investigative reports and is ready to file pretrial motions to suppress evidence when the facts warrant it. She will see that all of your constitutional rights are protected.

Attorney Coffin’s Goal is For the Best Possible Outcome

Kirstin Coffin recognizes that there are unique circumstances to each case. Her focus is to obtain the best possible outcome for her clients depending on their individual and personal situation. If it is in your best interest to have a pretrial disposition with reduced charges and penalties, she is a good negotiator.

If going to trial is a better choice for you, she is a skilled trial attorney who will fully challenge the prosecution’s evidence. She also is a skilled appellate attorney for those who are convicted.

Contact Kirstin Coffin

Do not speak to anyone about your case until you contact Kirstin Coffin at (860) 244-9000. This includes not talking to law enforcement, your family, friends or cell mate. It is true that anything you can and say will be used against you.

The Law Office of Kirstin Coffin is in Hartford and she serves residents in all of Connecticut. She offers good results for reasonable prices.