Kirstin Coffin

Welcome to the Law Office of Kirstin Coffin, a Hartford area criminal defense law firm. Attorney Kirstin Coffin provides criminal defense in all Connecticut state courts and has over 20 years of experience as a Connecticut criminal defense lawyer. Learn more about the attorney and the Law Office of Kirstin Coffin.

About the Law Office of Kirstin Coffin

The Law Office of Kirstin Coffin was founded in 1995 in Hartford. The law firm provides Connecticut criminal defense services and delivers good results for an affordable rate. The Law Office of Kirstin Coffin provides legal services to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney in the state of Connecticut.

Criminal defense services provided by the Law Firm of Kirstin Coffin include pretrial disposition, trial, and appeal. The attorney has represented clients who stand accused of operating under the influence, larceny, theft, robbery, assault, murder, domestic violence, drug possession, drug sales, other narcotics charges, and more. The attorney believes that everyone deserves the right to an attorney to stand by them when they are accused of a crime; Kirstin Coffin would be happy to discuss how the firm can represent you effectively through a complimentary new client consultation.

About Attorney Kirstin Coffin

Attorney Coffin received Bachelor of Arts from the College of William and Mary in 1988, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan in 1993. The Attorney opened her law firm in 1995 and has represented clients throughout the State of Connecticut ever since.

Attorney Coffin has a track record of getting results for clients, including a hung jury after a murder trial in the J.D. of Hartford in 2012 that resulted in a reduced charge, a hung jury after a felony murder trial in the J.D. of Hartford in 2014 that resulted in a dismissal, an acquittal after a carjacking trial in the J.D. of Hartford in 1999, a nolle prosequi for a murder charge in the J.D. of Hartford in 2019, and a 2011 Connecticut Supreme Court victory in State v. Maurice M.

When you stand accused of a crime, defending yourself in court can be vital to maintaining your quality of life and putting the past behind you. During this time, it is critical to have a knowledgeable attorney by your side to explain everything to you, so you know what is happening.

Let the Law Office of Kirstin Coffin help you through this difficult time through legal counsel. Call (860) 244-9000 to schedule a new client appointment.