Welcome to the Law Office of Kirstin Coffin, where the Hartford CT criminal defense lawyer provides legal counsel and courtroom representation. If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, hiring an experienced criminal attorney to represent you can make the process easier to understand and less stressful for all involved. Learn more about criminal defense services from the Law Office of Kirstin Coffin.

Law Office of Kirstin Coffin Practice Area

Attorney Kirstin Coffin provides legal criminal defense services in all Connecticut state courts and maintains a Hartford law office to meet with clients. The attorney defends all types of criminal cases across all Connecticut courts, including DUI or operating under the influence, larceny, drug and narcotics, robbery, theft, assault, domestic violence, murder, parole violations, gun charges and much more.

The Law Office of Kirstin Coffin delivers good results at reasonable prices and welcomes any new client who needs an experienced and compassionate criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Kirstin Coffin can represent you at trial, pre-trial dispositions, and the appeals phase. The attorney has over 20 years of experience with criminal defense and can discuss how her services can help you or your loved one in a free new client consultation.

How a Hartford Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

In the U.S., anyone who stands accused of a crime has the right to a trial by law and the assistance of an attorney. The Law Office of Kirstin Coffin provides affordable and effective criminal defense services throughout Connecticut and knows how the legal system works when it comes to defending Connecticut residents who stand accused of a crime.

The trial process can be scary and confusing. You may want it to be over and you might be considering accepting a plea bargain just to put the process behind you and get on with your life. Before you make any decisions, you must think about the impact of your actions on your life.

A criminal defense attorney can talk you through all the options, explain the legal situation in plain English, discuss potential outcomes, advise you of your best option, and defend you in the trial or on appeal.

Learn more about how a Hartford criminal defense attorney can help you with a criminal defense trial or appeal by calling the Law Office of Kirstin Coffin at (860) 244-9000.